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Achieving a lush, green lawn of your dreams is challenging. Whether you are a frustrated DIYer or someone who looks to professionals for a beautiful lawn, SGS Turf Care takes the work out of lawn care. At SGS Turf Care we feel we are the best lawn fertilizer service in the greater Manchester NH and greater Nashua NH areas.  Why do we feel that way?   Well, because we take the extra steps to ensure your lawn receives the proper amount of fertilizer, weed controls and insect controls.

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The Secret to a Perfect Lawn

If you want your lawn to thrive focus on these aspects. Quality seed as well as the proper variety for the environment it will be planted in, good soils, proper watering, adequate sunlight and timely fertilizer insect and weed control applications. All of these factors are major players in the overall quality of your turf.

We only use high quality fertilizers to ensure the best performance for your lawn care program.  We apply slow release, granular fertilizers which last longer than liquid fertilizers.  Our lawn fertilizers provide a long, balanced feeding so we only need to visit your property 4 or 5 times.  Lastly, we regularly test and analyze your lawn’s soils to determine if lime is required. SGS Turf Care takes great pride in the lawns we maintain and our high level of customer service. We strive to provide lawns that enhance our client’s properties. If you would like to take your lawn to the next level, contact SGS Turf Care.

Lawn Fertilizer Programs

Our lawn fertilizer programs feature high quality, slow-release granular fertilizers. We design our programs to give your lawn the most fertilizer allowed so it can thrive. Crabgrass prevention along with grub and insect controls are included with the fertilizer applications at the appropriate times during the season.

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Lawn Weed Controls

Crabgrass prevention is included with the first fertilizer application.  For maximum effectiveness make sure any spring clean-up or lawn de-thatching is completed before applying crabgrass preventer.  It’s also important to note that pre-emergent crabgrass treatments will also stop grass seed from growing.  When it comes to broadleaf weeds in your lawn, we only spot spray broadleaf weeds.  This means we only spray the areas in the lawn that have weeds, we don’t unnecessarily cover the entire lawn with chemical.  This is better for the environment, people, and pets.

Lawn Grub and Insect Controls

In addition to fertilizer, the second granular application of the season also contains the control product commonly referred to as Acelepryn. This controls white grubs, sod webworms and other turf caterpillars, as compared to other products which only control white grubs.  In recent years, with dry and drought conditions becoming more prevalent, sod webworms have been more of a concern in home lawns.

Soil Testing and Analysis

SGS Turf Care regularly takes soil tests and shares the results with our clients. The reason for this is because soils are the foundation for the grass are very important for the success of a lawn fertilizer program. Regardless of the quality of the fertilizers, if the soil pH range is not in the proper range, nutrients become unavailable to the plant. Soil tests determine if your lawn needs lime to correct a pH imbalance. We don’t just apply lime to your lawn to apply lime.  Soil testing also shows the amount of organic matter within your soil.  Soil organic matter affects the amount of lime your soil may or may not need. The concentration of organic matter in the soil also affects its ability to drain and hold water.  All of which are important factors to know when creating a lawn care program.

Core Aeration

Lawn aeration has many benefits for your lawn and is an important part of a successful lawn care program.  The benefits to core aerating your lawn include decreasing compaction in the soil; increasing oxygen in the soil; removing unwanted thatch in the lawn; improving drainage in for your lawn and increasing root growth.  All of which are important factors in creating both the healthiest and best lawn possible.

Slice Seeding

Grass seed has to be planted to grow; it must be in contact with the soil.  Slice seeding is a very efficient way to plant grass seed and is the preferred method when possible. When SGS Turf Care seeds a lawn, we make sure to use high-quality seed and select the type of seed that will perform best in environment it will be growing.

Poison Ivy and Vegetation Control

Poison ivy and unwanted vegetation can be hard to control. If you are having problems with either, SGS Turf Care has the equipment and control products to handle unwanted weeds throughout your property and landscaped areas.

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