Small tree and shrub pruning and removal.
Put our expertise to work for you.

SGS Turf Care helps improve the appearance and safety of properties with our small tree and shrub services. We handle small trees under 20 feet tall, shrubs and foundation plantings. Pruning and maintaining shrubs and trees are important elements of the overall health and appearance of your property. SGS offers a range of services to shape ornamental trees and bushes, trim and remove unsafe trees, and clear sections of brush. The experts at SGS can advise you on the overall health of your yard, from the lawn to the shrubs to the trees.


The Right Time to Prune

While beautiful, ornamental trees and bushes require regular maintenance.  Typically these trees and bushes have an abundance of branches and suckers.  Regular pruning is required to keep the canopy’s of the trees and bushes beautiful and healthy.  The best time to prune them is while they are dormant, which starts right around the time when the leaves fall off.

The experts at SGS Turf Care are your expert source for every facet of your property. Our pruning and trimming services control shape and keep unhealthy or unsafe libs from posing a health threat. To learn more about SGS’s small tree and shrub services, contact us for a free consultation.